Run Mill, Run!

Hurrrrray new animations!
This time it’s a bunch of small ones combined. She’s almost ready to be coded in!!!!



3D Pixels!

Yay another Mill post!
This started as a study, with the intent of making my next animations more dynamic. It ended up being too fun to stop, and I couldn’t help but add a small skirt twirl kiki emoticon


Good morning!

Yes, it’s time to awaken this sleepy ol’ blog with a brand new game!

I’m very excited about this game, I plan to work in short sessions and start with very small core play-ability. If it’s fun, I’ll take it from there.

Since art is extremely important to me, and working on it is essential to me, I’m starting with the art in this case.

So! This is the first animation for my first character – Mill.
I started with the most fun one, obviously :)


From now on, I plan to update every Thursday, so please check back soon!


Girl Monster Challenge!

In an effort to draw more, I decided to take the 30 day Girl monster challenge:

Pixel art is more fun, but I gotta practice that digital painting, so it will probably be a mixture of both. Haven’t been able to finish one fast enough yet (it’s just a morning sketch!) but hopefully I’ll get faster as I go.

Day 1: Chibi Harpy

Day 1: Chibi Harpy

Centaur Girl

Day 2: Centaur Girl


Game Update!

Well, about time for an update.

A lot of good things have been going with the game. It’s starting to look very promising.

Here’s some pics!